Newfoundland & Labrador Good Food Challenge


The annual Good Food Challenge was founded by Food First NL to encourage people to discuss and learn more about food, food systems, food security, and food issues, as a way toward healthier eating for people and their planet.

412 people across Newfoundland & Labrador signed up for the Good Food Challenge in 2014

“With the Good Food Challenge we want people to think about food, talk to each other, and come up with their own goals for eating better,” says Food First NL Executive Director Kristie Jameson. “Food and food issues have become so complicated, and it can be overwhelming to make good food choices.”

In 2016, every morning during the work-week, a discussion card was posted online with challenges, facts, quotes, questions, and tips. Each card was designed to be easily shared and to spark conversation. Throughout the Challenge, our posts reached an average of 989 people each, and our weekly newsletters were sent to more than 200 subscribers.

For many people, good food isn’t just about taste or nutrition.

“Becoming more aware of your food—where it comes from, who made it, how it was produced, how it got to you—these are all questions related to food security,” says Jameson.

“People come across these ideas naturally when they think carefully about what good food means to them.

“Much of our food is shipped from outside the province. Many communities face high costs, low quality, and low availability of fresh foods. We struggle with some of the highest rates of diabetes and obesity in the country."