Land and Sea: The Garden of Mancel

Check out this awesome program about a gardener in Woody Point, Newfoundland. All Land and Sea episodes can be viewed from the website at, but this one is actually airing this Sunday, May 16th at 12:30 p.m. NT.

George Mancel Halfyard has done a lot in his 85 years.  He served in the second world war, he spent over 35 years on the coastal boats, he fathered 10 children. But if Mancel were to die tomorrow, none of that would be his legacy.  His legacy would be his garden.

The garden born of necessity is now a source of contentment for Mancel.  And he sows the seeds of happiness the old way...the organic way.  In soil fortified with kelp and caplin...crab shells and lobster bodies. 

It's Woody Point's answer to all things natural.  The Garden of Mancel. The garden by the sea.