Elections & Food Policy


Federal elections are coming up May 2nd and for the first time each party has food and agricultural policy on their agendas. Here are some resources to help you decide how the parties measure up when it comes to creating the food system you would like to see in Canada. Many of us 'vote with our forks' every day by making food choices that support our own personal food beliefs. How are your views reflected by the political parties? Get informed and decide how you will vote when it comes to food policy on May 2nd! To find out about voting in your area, visit Elections Canada.

The overall platforms and food/agricultural policy documents for each party:

Bloc Québécois Platform and Présent! pour l’agriculture

Conservative Party Platform and Harper Announces Support for Farmers

Green Party Platform and Agriculture and Food

Liberal Party Platform and Rural Canada Matters: Highlights of the Liberal Plan for Canada's First National Food Policy

New Democractic Party Platform and Food for Thought: Toward a Canadian Food Strategy

Other resources on the parties and their food policies:

Federal leaders' responses to Premier Dunderdale's letters about the plans of each party that will affect key issues in Newfoundland and Labrador

Video of the National Agriculture Leaders Debate hosted by the Canadian Federation of Agriculture.

The People's Food Policy Project has several resources on food policy and the upcoming election.

Video of the English Language Leaders Debate- CBC

Food now on plate for all federal parties - The Tyee

For the first time food becomes a political priority - Globe and Mail

Something to chew on: A party-by-party breakdown of food policy - Globe and Mail