Farm Apprenticeships

Last year we did a big post about farm apprenticeships called What are your plans for the growing season? Check out that post for links to Canadian, US and international farm training opportunities. The post also included interviews with six local people talking about their experiences on farms: the benefits, what to keep in mind and lessons learned. It's a great resource if you're planning to help out on a farm, whether it be for a day or for the whole growing season. What sparked this recap of What are your plans for the growing season? was a call-out we recently received from SOIL looking for new farmers and farm apprentices to get involved in 2012. Here's their call-out and poster, please pass it on:

Hello and thank you for your time,

My name is Keeley Nixon and I continue to work with  a great Canada-wide agriculture apprenticeship program: Stewards Of Irreplaceable  Land (SOIL). We are hoping to continue to spread awareness about the program we run and hope that as you’re in a complimentary sector of work, study and advocacy that  you can share the information with those that you work with through your organization.

We’re in our twenty-third year linking Canadian farmers with young folks wanting to work and learn on an organic farm using sustainable practices. Our goals are to encourage the growth of sustainable agriculture, expose potential apprentices to a rural lifestyle offering valuable hands-on learning to acquire the basic skills or even provide the basis for an agricultural career and to assist the farmer with the necessary support required to successfully run their organic operation. The farmers and farm community can also benefit greatly from the influx of new ideas, energy and enthusiasm of apprentices.

Enclosed is our recruitment poster for apprentices this season. Please post and encourage folks to inquire about the opportunity. We’re also always looking to have more farms join the program. Having an apprenticeship program on your farm is one way that you can provide an opportunity for interested apprentices to learn from your experience while, in exchange, providing an extra set of hands on the farm. The enthusiasm that apprentices bring can also be very energizing for participating farmers, and the process of mentoring and passing along the skills of sustainable farming can be extremely rewarding.

Feel free to photocopy the poster as well and distribute widely through your networks. There’s also more information on our site  and we’d be happy to respond to inquiries through email:

Best wishes for the New Year,

Keeley Nixon

SOIL Apprenticeships