From Garden to Classroom


MUN Botanical Garden has recently released what we think is a hugely valuable new resource for this province. From Garden to Classroom: Activity and Resource Guide walks you through dozens of activities and even more information on a wide array of topics to inspire youth to explore the natural world. And it's not about talking at  kids, it's about giving them the resources to get right into the thick of things, hands in the dirt, learning through play, and really connecting with their natural surroundings on all levels. Click here to download your free copy of From Garden to Classroom.  

Click here to check out the brand new videos that accompany From Garden to Classroom. 

Here's a peak at what's inside:

  • Composting 101
  • Sprouting seeds
  • Dividing and taking cuttings from plants
  • Grow my lunch
  • Grocery store botany
  • Foraging and edible wild plants
  • Parts of plants
  • Trees are Terrific program
  • How-to of nature walking with children

This resource connects to the NL curriculum and has practical applications in K-6 classrooms. It's an easy-to-use tool to help teachers bring the natural world indoors and get kids exploring outside. But I think From Garden to Classroom is a great resource for parents at home too. If you want your kids to start thinking more ecologically, certainly pass this resource on to their classroom teachers, but also consider herding the kids to the park, grocery store or up to the Botanical Garden for a nature adventure as a family using this toolkit.

Not going to lie, although it's technically geared at kids, From Garden to Classroom would also be loads of fun for adults to play around with too. Learn a bunch of new things that you didn't know or have forgotten since childhood and take the time to pause, observe, and really notice the natural world around you. I'm keen to try out a few of the activities, especially sprouting ones!

What's also awesome about From Garden to Classroom is that everything in it has been tested over and over at the Garden, in schools and at public events. Their staff have been doing these activities for years with great feedback from kids and parents and waiting lists of people wanting to get involved. You can feel confident that what's in the toolkit is going to appeal to kids.

Download your copy of From Garden to Classroom and pass it on to teachers, parents and especially kids!