Funding Opportunities


Does your group need funds to kick-start a project, hire staff, or improve an existing program? One of these funding opportunities may be able to help. Note application deadlines carefully as many are in the very near future. FSN posts funding opportunities regularly in our monthly E-News, sign up today if you don't already receive it!

Student Employment Program (Level I, II, III)

Deadline: May 11

School districts, municipalities and not-for-profit agencies are eligible to hire high school students through this program. The subsidy shall be 100% up to a maximum of $10.00 per hour towards the hourly wage rate for a maximum average of 40 hours per week per pay period. An additional 15% of the contract value will be provided for administrative costs. A minimum of 20 hours per week must be provided. Minimum duration of 3 weeks to a maximum of 8 weeks. Preference will be given to applicants willing to hire individuals identified by the Department of Advanced Education and Skills.

For more information and to apply:


Regional Wellness Coalitions - Upcoming Community Grant Deadlines

The Regional Wellness Coalitions provide grants up to $1000 to coalition members with projects focusing on wellness priority areas. Grants are normally distributed more than once a year with several deadlines. See each application for more details.

Wellness Coalition Avalon East Community Grant Program – Next Deadline is May 15th 2012. For more information or to download an application form visit or contact Heather at

Northern Regional Wellness Coalition Community Grants Program – Next Deadline is May 31st, 2012. Visit for more information.

Central Regional Wellness Coalition Community Grants Program – Next Deadline is June 1st, 2012. Visit for more information.

Labrador Regional Wellness Coalition Community Grants Program – Next Deadline  is June 1st, 2012. Visit for more information.


Community Youth Network, St. John's- Special Project Grant

Deadline: May 15, November 15 (twice annually)

The Community Youth Network (CYN) - St. John’s, is mandated to develop an array of services for youth (primarily 12-18 years of age) living in or at risk of poverty to assist them to achieve their full potential and to enhance the capacity of youth-serving agencies. The Community Youth Network (CYN) - St. John’s, through our Special Project funding, will make strategic investments which increase the opportunity for youth to avail of the supports they need to mature into healthy, educated and employable members of the community. We welcome proposals in four broad business lines: Employment, Learning, Support, and Community Building.

Amount offered: A maximum of $7000 per 12 month period per eligible group.

Programs funded must serve youth within the City of St. John's.

For more information and to apply:


VOCM Cares Foundation Grants

Deadline: May 25

Applications for funding are considered for those organizations that work within the Foundation’s mandated area of effort, namely the health, education and safety of the community at large. The Foundation also considers funding for organizations that work on research projects involving diseases and other health related matters.

The Foundation provides project and program funding only and will NOT offer operational grants to those organizations requesting funds, i.e. the Foundation will not pay monthly operating expenses such as phone bills, salaries, etc,.

Fore more information and to apply:


Canon (Evergreen) Take Root Grant Program

Deadline: May 25

Canon and Evergreen have partnered to offer this national program that provides funding for stewardship and restoration activities across Canada. To be eligible, projects must provide community members with opportunities including:

  • Planting native trees (at least 250)*
  • At least one tree planting event in September 2012
  • Stewardship activities, such as invasive-species removal, mulching and site maintenance
  • Monitoring activities, such as plant survival rates and wildlife-species observation
  • Public education, such as site tours and installing interpretive signage
  • Community development projects involving diverse communities

For a list of native plants in your province, visit Evergreen’s native plant database. Applicants are also encouraged to consult local ecologists to determine appropriate native plant species for projects.

Amount offered: $5,000 and a Canon PowerShot camera

For more information and to apply visit:


Fisheries Heritage Preservation Program

Deadline: May 31

The Fisheries Heritage Preservation Program (FHPP) is a short term, small project grant program for the owners of historic fisheries buildings. Grants are available for restoring the built heritage features using traditional materials and designs. Eligible items include exterior work to repair, preserve, stabilize and protect stages, stores, equipment lofts and other related structures. The Fisheries Heritage Preservation Program is for conserving historic fisheries structures only, and not for upgrading , building or maintaining new structures. The goal of the Fisheries Heritage Preservation Program is to help conserve the historic architecture of the Newfoundland and Labrador fisheries.

For more information and to apply: You may also call 1.888.739.1892 or email and request a mailed copy.


Toyota Evergreen Learning Grounds School Ground Greening Grants

Deadline: June 1, four application deadlines annually

Toyota Evergreen Learning Grounds helps schools create outdoor classrooms to provide students with a healthy place to play, learn and develop a genuine respect for nature.

Amount offered: $500–$3,500 for schools, $500–$2,000 for daycares.

For more information and to apply visit:


Farm Credit Canada AgriSpirit Fund

Deadline: June 18th

Fundraising? Maybe we can help. If your organization is raising money for a capital project, it may qualify for a donation between $5,000 and $25,000 to supplement your other fundraising efforts.

The FCC AgriSpirit Fund is about making life better for people in rural communities. Successful projects in the past have included hospitals and medical centres, childcare facilities, fire and rescue equipment, playgrounds, food banks, libraries, recreation centres and community gardens.

For more information and to apply visit:


Nature's Path Gardens for Good

Deadline: June 30th

$15,000 grants will be awarded to three garden projects based on (1) the compelling, empowering and inspirational nature in which they describe their organic garden project, (2) the Eligible Non-Profit Participant’s ability to establish and maintain a garden taking into consideration available resources and land permit use (3) the demonstrated need of the community they serve.

Visit to apply (via Facebook).


NL Works

Deadline: Ongoing

NL Works is designed to provide individuals with valuable work experience and skills to improve their employment prospects and attachment to the labour market by providing profit and not-for-profit employers with a wage subsidy to create new positions. The department will continue to work with individuals who may benefit from the NL Works program and will assist them to develop an employment plan and identify an employer. The program is comprised of Seasonal and Long Term components. Both components provide employers with financial assistance to assist them to create new employment opportunities for income support recipients and unemployed or under-employed non-EI eligible individuals.

For more information and to apply:


Graduate Employment Program

Deadline: Ongoing

The Graduate Employment Program is designed to assist recent post-secondary graduates secure valuable work experience in their field of study. Eligible graduates can use this wage subsidy program to market themselves to employers. A 60% wage subsidy, pro-rated over 52 weeks, to a maximum of $12,500 towards the starting salary of the approved position and a $500 one time payment to the employer to assist with the training costs for the new graduate based on the provision of a training plan. Approval of applications will be considered only when applications for both the graduate and the employer have been matched.

For more information and to apply: