Food Skills Workshops are here!


We are so excited to introduce the...

Root Cellars Rock Food Skills Workshops!

Click on THIS LINK or on the Food Skills Workshops tab on the menu bar at the top of this page to get started using them right away! They're ready for individuals and community groups to use for free to host events!

What are the Topics?

There are 8 RCR Food Skills Workshops. Each workshop has a detailed kit with everything that you will need to know about that topic to confidently host a workshop. The 8 topics are:

  1. Container Gardening
  2. Composting
  3. Seed Saving
  4. Edible Wild Plants
  5. Preparing Local Vegetables
  6. Using Culinary Herbs
  7. Canning
  8. Root Cellars

Why Host a Food Skills Workshop?

The RCR Food Skills Workshops are easy to use and FREE.

Hosting a Food Skills Workshop can have so many benefits!

Participants will:

  • Help to preserve traditional food skills and knowledge;
  • Learn practical, hands-on food skills that promote healthy eating and are part of an active lifestyle;
  • Meet and connect with other like-minded individuals that care about creating supportive local food communities;
  • Gain awareness of ways to live sustainably with minimal impact on the environment;
  • Build confidence through recognizing the value of the skills and knowledge that they and other local people already have;
  • Connect with organizations and groups in the area that offer valuable services and opportunities;
  • Discover affordable ways to enjoy locally produced, healthy foods year-round; and
  • Become better connected with their food system and gain a greater understanding of community food security.

Who Should Host a Food Skills Workshop?

Any individual or community group that is interested in sharing food skills can host a workshop! 

The workshops are meant to be introductory learning experiences, both for participants attending the workshops and facilitators preparing them. Included in each workshop is background information on the topic, supplementary resources, and detailed activity plans. After carefully reading through those materials, facilitators will hopefully feel confident hosting their own workshop even it the topic is new for them too.

How Do I Get Started?

All of the workshops are now available on the Root Cellars Rock blog and on the FSN website!

You can start today:

  • Sharing them with people via email, Facebook and Twitter!
  • Reading them to learn more about food skills!
  • Using them to organize a workshop in your community!
During the weeks of the Launch (July 4-18) we will put up new posts every 2-3 days introducing the different parts of the Workshops in more detail. Stay tuned to find out even more about this hugely valuable new resource for Newfoundland and Labrador!