16 Community Gardens in St. John's!


Daybreak Parent Child Centre Teaching and Demonstration Garden and Family Garden (photo credit http://www.daybreakcentre.com/) **updated September 2015**, now there are 17 gardens listed!

It is so exciting the number of community gardens that are starting up and going strong across the province. We were just doing a count for St. John's and there are 16 community gardens that we know of in the city! That is AMAZING! Not all of them are open to the public because some serve smaller communities exclusively.

Many of these gardens are on FEASt's Open Garden Day route, open to the public for free exploring this Sunday August 25th so go check them out! Open Garden Day is a beautiful way to spend an afternoon.

Anyone interested in starting a new community garden should check out our Best Practices Toolkit and please get in touch so we can help out. Contact us anytime with community gardening questions at info@foodsecuritynews.com and (709)237-4026.

Contact us for more info about these gardens or contact the groups directly.

In no particular order:

1. Rabbittown Community Garden (now operated by Rabbittown Community Centre on Graves St. behind the Rabbittown Community Centre)- collective garden open to the public

2. Brother Jim McSheffrey Community Garden (operated by MacMorran Community Centre on Mount Scio Rd.)- allotment garden open to the public and MacMorran Community Centre participants

3. FEASt Pippy Park Family Garden (in Pippy Park)- collective garden for families with young children

4. Eric Street Community Garden (Operated by Community Garden Alliance off Eric Street in downtown West) - allotment garden, community beds, and fruit trees.

5. Choices for Youth New Leaf Community Garden (on Carter's Hill Pl.)- collective garden for Choices for Youth participants

6. Debbie Prim Memorial Courtyard and Garden (operated by Independent Living Resource Centre on Escasoni Pl.)- collective garden for ILRC participants

7. Cavell Park Community Garden (Cavell Park at the end of Cavell Rd.)- allotment garden open to the public

8. MUN Botanical Garden  (Mount Scio Rd.)- demonstration public garden

9. Safer Soil Demonstration Garden (Behind The Gathering Place off of Barnes Rd.)- demonstration public garden

10. Mercy Centre for Ecology & Justice Community Garden (in partnership with Association for New Canadians; on Mount Scio Rd.)- collective garden utilized by community groups

11. Memorial University Community Garden (on the MUN St. John's campus)- allotment garden for students, staff and faculty of MUN

12. Daybreak Parent Child Centre Teaching and Demonstration Garden and Family Garden (on The Boulevard)- collective and allotment gardens for Daybreak participants

13. St. Bonaventure's College School Garden (on Bonaventure Ave.)- school garden with produce donated to local food bank

14. Easter Seals Newfoundland and Labrador Garden (on Mount Scio Rd.)- collective garden for Easter Seals participants

15. Daffodil Place Healing Garden (on Ropewalk Lane)- therapeutic collective garden for Daffodil Place residents

16. Autism Society of Newfoundland and Labrador Community Garden (on Clinch Cresent)- restaurant garden for The Pantry, public gardens along Long Pond trail, greenhouse retailing plants, potential allotment garden coming soon!

17. Colonial Corner Garden, (at Colonial and Bond Street downtown) was developed by several families under St. John's Adopt-a-Spot program. Gardeners have planted the beds up with tomatoes, herbs, and greens.