Food Security Network NL Annual General Meeting & Networking Reception



When: Tuesday November 26th, 1 pm- 3:30 pm

Where: Foran Room, St. John's City Hall, 10 New Gower Street

The Food Security Network NL (FSN)'s 2013 Annual General Meeting is happening soon! The AGM is open to all members of the public. Learn about FSN’s activities this past year, become a member, & get involved!

The AGM will be followed by a reception with opportunities to learn about local food security groups. Community groups and organizations are invited to contact us about setting up displays at the AGM.

Healthy, mostly local snacks & beverages will be provided.

Teleconference options are available.

Contact Rick Kelly at or 709-237-4026 with questions.

FSN is committed to accommodating all participants to the AGM. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to ensure your full participation.

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