Good Food Challenge 2014: Ross Traverse's Essential Gardening Tools

GFC-gardening A good, simple list of gardening tools from NL gardening expert Ross Traverse.

“I really only use a few basic tools to do most of my gardening work. It pays to buy the best tools you can afford. I have a garden hoe that is over 50 years old and is still in good working condition. It gives me great pleasure every time I use it to think about all the weeds it has destroyed over the years. Every fall, I clean it up and apply a light coating of oil to prevent it from rusting.” — Ross Traverse,

For more information: An interview with Kelligrew's farmer Merv Tilley on older farming techniques (videos):

Starting a tool library. Tool libraries are places where people share tools that can be borrowed out. This could be for gardening, woodworking, or anything. A community garden is a great organization to lead one of these. They allow people to try out new skills and complete small projects without making big investments, and encourages mentoring.

Martha Stewart demonstrates how to clean and sharpen gardening tools (video):