NL Good Food Challenge: Only 25% of NLers Eat Fruit & Vegetables Five or More Times a Day

GFC-fruitveggies500 This is a result from a Canadian Community Health survey by Statistics Canada which gathered information related to a variety of health-related issues, including nutrition, smoking habits, alcohol use, medical history, as well as demographic and socioeconomic variables from 65,000 people across Canada.

The fruit and vegetable consumption data were based on a survey question that measured "the number of times respondents reported that they consumed fruits and vegetables, rather than the actual quantity consumed."

The difference between our number (25.1%) and the national average (40.6%) is pretty shocking in any case.


You can see the more results of the survey here:

Also interesting to look at is the data quality, concepts and methodology page.

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"Who the heck eats five times every day? Do they mean five servings a day? Even that seems like a crazy amount. I'm calling bogus on this survey." — Emily

"Number so low because chips and jam jams with some Pepsi to wash it down is a lot cheaper." — Adam

"Potential over reporting in other provinces? Misinterpretation of what "five or more times a day" actually means?" —Jen

"Might have something to do with the fact that we are the least agricultural and most isolated province (from the mainland of North America). The cost and availability of good fresh produce must be a factor, not to discount our 'traditional' diet." —Darrell


For more information

Statistics Canada: Fruit and vegetable consumption, 2012