How Are Things Growing - April Edition

Yes, there are actually things growing already! Here are a few things I've got on the go so far:

Peppers: The first sprouts came up just as April started, and I'm seeing lots of growth in some of the varieties already. Not all of the types have sprouted yet, but peppers can be a bit slow. In fact, I was surprised to see any this soon! I've got 13 varieties planted, with a good mix of sweet and hot peppers. Right now, the sweet peppers are in the lead, so they'll probably be ready for transplant first.

Salad Greens: These only took a few days to start sprouting, and hopefully I'll be harvesting them for salads in a few more weeks. I used those clear containers that berries come in (yes, occasionally non-local berries end up in the house), and packed them with seed starter mix. Since I'm not worried about transplanting, their relatively shallow depth isn't a problem.

Hard Cider:Ok, not really a planting, but it does involve live organisms (yeast). I started this batch about a week ago, using apple juice, a can of frozen apple juice concentrate, and a packet of Champagne yeast. This is my second batch, and I'm hoping it'll be even better than my first (which was actually pretty good).

Have you got any cool spring projects on the go? Post about them in the comments!