About Us

Food First NL is a provincial, non-profit organization that works with a network of 300+ like-minded organizations and individuals to improve food security in NL.

Food security is a measure of how easy or difficult it is for a population to access and afford ample, healthy food. To read about more about food security, and food security issues in our province, click here.

Since 1998,  we have been at the forefront of mobilizing dialogue and action on food security. We continue strive towards a province where all people, at all time, have access to enough, healthy, affordable, and culturally appropriate food that meets their nutritional needs and preferences.

Our Mission & Vision


Our mission is to promote, assist, or spearhead comprehensive, community-based initiatives that seek to ensure healthy food for all in Newfoundland & Labrador.

Through our vision and work, we are creating a more vibrant food system in our province, and its communities and institutions. 

Food First NL works toward its mission by focusing on three key areas of work:

  • Raising public awareness of, and  engagement with food security issues in NL.
  • Catalyzing action across all sectors to enhance food security efforts in our communities.
  • Convening and mobilizing key partners to ensure collective action improves food security in NL.

20 years of Seeding Change


Twenty years of hands-on food security work has made us a leader in advancing food security in NL.

We thoroughly understand the complexities of food security issues in our province, and who needs to be engaged to advance an issue, as well as the best practices that exist to resolve food security  issues in Newfoundland & Labrador.

Our extensive and diverse network of partners reaches across all sectors and regions of the province. We have honed our ability to effectively engage cross-sectoral partnerships that mobilize key players on common goals and actionable work to advance food security.


Our Projects

Food First NL works with over 300 partners to run a wide range of community-driven programs to advance food security across the province. Some of our current programs include:

our resources

Food First NL provides community organizations with resources like a Best Practices Toolkits for establishing community gardens, community kitchens, or bulk buying programs. We also have a newsletter, libraries of videos and publications, a Healthy Eating in NL Resource Centre, seed funding to support food-focused community initiatives, and other reources on our Our Resources page.