20 Voices from 20 Years | John Greene, Founding Member

John Greene (Social Media Card).jpg

“I came to the food security issue from an international perspective,” says founding member and founding Chair John Greene.

During John’s studies at Memorial, he became involved in Oxfam. He connected with the international development agency’s slogan: “Think Globally, Act Locally.”

“My awareness of food security problems around the world, and here at home, led me to become quite involved locally. And that led me to the founding of a Community Garden in Pippy Park (now called the McSheffrey Community garden),” he says.

“That same initiative drove me to be the leading founder of the Community Food Sharing Association, but more importantly, it led me to join with others in founding the Food Security Network in 1998.”

John credits the organization’s longevity to its ability to secure funding and the presence of skillful personnel. He believes that these elements were key to the organization’s ability to establish itself as a province-wide organization that can deal with food security on a comprehensive basis.

“I have noticed a huge expansion in the areas of local food production, says John. “Then, there is the development of those amazingly wonderful Farmer’s Markets throughout the province. The one in St. John’s is a joy to behold.”

Still, he feels there is more work to be done.

“I think Food First NL should strive for the full development of our agricultural potential,” says John. “It would be a great asset to the province if the organization would develop the policies and programs to make that possible. Then, it should lobby the public and the government for their implementation.”

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