SCOFF: Seniors' Celebration of Food & Film

Celebrating, preserving, and sharing NL seniors' wealth of traditional food knowledge and skills


SCOFF aims to celebrate, preserve, and share the wealth of traditional food knowledge and skills of NL seniors by developing a series of short, educational and instructional food skills videos, facilitating knowledge sharing and skill-building workshops, and supporting seniors' community food programs. 

NL faces complex food security challenges that limit residents' ability to access enough, healthy, safe, and culturally appropriate food, leading to high rates of diet-related health issues in the province. However, one of the greatest strengths of NL's food systems lies within the rich heritage of food traditions--including gardening, hunting, fishing, and preserving food--that is embodied by our senior population. Additionally, health professionals have identified that skill building is a critical component to improving access to and consumption of healthy food in NL.

To capture the wealth of knowledge on a variety of traditions and talents within NL's unique food culture, the project will develop 8 food skills videos showcasing seniors' knowledge from across the province--2 videos will be produced with seniors in each of the four Regional Health Authorities, including Eastern, Central, Western, and Labrador-Grenfell.

Additionally, the project will facilitate knowledge sharing and skill building among seniors within 8 communities through hosting events, workshops, and supporting community food initiatives.

Food First NL wants to support your idea to improve food security for seniors! We invite groups across the province to apply for up to $300 to put an idea into action this winter. Application deadline is Friday, January 5th. Full application details can be found here.