Supporting Food Literacy Programs For Seniors

Supporting Food Literacy Programs For Seniors

In late 2017, we invited seniors groups across the province to apply for funding from Food First NL, to be put towards community projects or workshops that would improve food security and knowledge among seniors in their community.

It was entirely up to the community group how they wanted to use the money. Here are 10 SCOFF community projects we funded in 2018:

  • The Beaches 50+ Club in Eastport, for a Bottling Workshop with Central Health

  • The Community Cafe Committee in Port aux Basques, for a Lunch n' Learn Series

  • The Humber Arm South 50+ Club in Benoit's Cove, for a Fermented Foods Workshop with The Western Environment Centre

  • The Froude Avenue Community Centre in St. John's, for an Indoor Garden Installation and Workshop with Food First NL

  • The New World Island 50+ Club, for a Local Food Presentation Series

  • The Norpen Aboriginal Women's Circle in Port Saunders, for a Freezing Fruits and Vegetables Workshop

  • Parkview Apartments in Corner Brook, for a workshop on Building a New Community Garden

  • Placentia Area-Cape Shore Community Connections, for an Eating on a Budget Workshop

  • The Town of Change Islands, for a Community Kitchen Series with Central Health

  • The Virginia Park Community Centre in St. John's, for starting a new bulk buying club

Seniors Food Celebrations 2014-2016


Between 2014-2016, Food First NL partnered with community groups throughout the province to support 55 Seniors Food Celebrations.

All totaled, we made space for 2,300 seniors to come together and share food, food skills, and good company. 

Health professionals say events like these improve seniors’ access to, and consumption of healthy food, and many organizers at these events reported that the social nature of the celebrations was a key outcome of the events.

The biggest benefit was getting seniors out for a hot meal. 90% of them are home alone, with family gone and spouse passed away. Most don’t have a vehicle and don’t make real meals.
— Julia Francis | CN Pensioners Group

The events also brought seniors together who might otherwise be socially isolated and restricted in their access to healthy food, and taught them a little more culinary self-sufficiency in the form of food skills.