Get Your Voice Heard: "Food For Thought" Public Forum May 18th

Food Security exists when all people, at all times, have physical and economic access to adequate amounts of culturally and personally appropriate foods, that are produced and distributed in an economically and environmentally acceptable manner.

Root Cellars Rock! has been designed to increase the Food Security of Newfoundland & Labrador by encouraging citizens, community groups, and agricultural producers to work together to stimulate growth in local agriculture, and thus increase the accessibility of healthy, local food options to community residents across the province, while at the same time building stronger communities.

Improving Food Security involves three different important types of action:

  1. Short-Term Relief: includes food banks and soup kitchens, and are intended to assist though who are most at risk of food security.
  2. Capacity Building: includes skills-building strategies that assist people in learning how to produce, prepare, and preserve their own food on an individual or community level - this includes Root Cellars Rock!
  3. Systems Change: aims to make changes to policy that will help build food security, this includes policy change and the "Food for Thought" tour

It is important for systems change actions to involve people throughout the community within which it will effect. If you are able to attend the following public forum, it is a great chance to have your voice heard! Take a look at the details:

Monday, May 18th, 7:00 pm

Masonic Temple, 6 Cathedral St., St. John's

"Food for Thought" Tour coming to St. John's next week. Jack Harris, M. P. for St. John's East and Alex Atamanenko, M.P. for British Columbia Southern Interior will be co-hosting a public forum on Food Security in St. John's.

Alex Atamanenko is the Food Security critic for the NDP federal caucus and this event is part of a national "Food for Thought" tour that will explore the many issues surrounding Canadian Food Security and Food Sovereignty. Upon completion of the tour, a report will be made and presented to the federal government.

The tour would like to hear what the people are saying so that they can provide guidance in the development of a National Food Policy. Government decisions should reflect what people are saying at the grass roots level so come out and let your voices be heard!