"Root Cellars Rock!" Song

Keynote Blogger: Terry Reilly, Musician, Teddy Bear Man, Performer

Terry Reilly, a local musician, has been so kind to write the theme song for the Root Cellars Rock campaign - take a moment to give it a read, or a sing - we hope to have it uploaded onto the blog in the near future! Enjoy!

Rock by rock. D|"| Layer by layer. G|Em| A place for our veggies D|Bm| to have ‘em all year. A|D| (repeat)

We love our root cellars. A|"| We build them to last. D|"| They’re part of our future, A|"| with roots in the past. D|"| We harvest our crops. A|"| We store them in there. D|Bm| Our root cellars rock. E|E7| They roll through the years. A|A7| (Ch)

Carrots and spuds, turnips and more. Our ancestors knew how they should be stored. Time to recover this part of our past. To treasure our roots, and where we are at. (Ch)

Ol’ Skipper Eli, worked hard on the land. Some people say he was a queer hand. Didn’t talk much, but if you had need, he’d go to his cellar, and bring you a feed. (Ch)

A place for our veggies. And plenty to share.