Haha, I thought we were having great weather this year, but yesterday's frost warning had me running to cover up the garden with bed sheets! Otherwise things seem to be going well. The greens are slowly coming up, as are the root vegetables. There are some little squash forming. The Kale didn't come up, so I bought some new seeds and planted those. I also planted some parsnip in my last two square feet of garden. No slugs have been spotted in the garden yet.

I have potatoes planted in some Rubbermaid containers. I would really like to try a method some friends of mine are using. Plant your potatoes in an old tire full of soil. When the potato plants have grown to tire height above the tire, stack another tire on top and fill it with soil. The plant will grow up and more roots (potatoes) will grow out horizontally in the second tire. Repeat up to four tires high (at least). Then you can harvest your potatoes one tire at a time.

I hope that I learn by the end of the season how to better plan out the garden in advance. I kind of planted everything all at once, and I'm sure I'll have too much of one thing (greens - all at once), and not enough of another (root veggies, the majority of my diet). I think I need to just do it once and then adjust from there.

Will check in later... hopefully after eating something from the garden!