Safer Soil Garden Tours

During September and October, St. John’s Safer Soil will conduct free garden tours at the demonstration garden behind the Gathering Place, situated at the north side of the Basilica Parking Lot.

The garden is an educational tool to promote simple techniques for safe gardening and recreation in areas with elevated soil lead levels. We also conduct research in innovative and environmentally sound methods to promote overall soil health in support of urban agriculture.

Learn about safe city gardening; landscaping to prevent lead exposure; phytoremediation: using plants to clean the soil; and biochar: an organic soil amendment which increases soil fertility while sequestering carbon; and more!

To arrange a free garden tour and presentation for your family, workplace or community group, please contact Project Coordinator Lori Heath at 738-7542 or Educational materials are also available at our website at

St. John’s Safer Soil is a project of the Centre for Long-term Environmental Action in Newfoundland and Labrador (CLEANf/Ld).