Pioneering in Paradise


Hi everyone!  My name is Matt, and I'm a new contributor to the Root Cellars Rock blog.  These weekly blog posts will be chronicling my efforts to Plant, Pick, Prepare and Preserve as much of my own food as possible.  First, a bit of background on me... I grew up in Ontario, in what would now be considered a "green" home, in that my parents were early adopters of a lot of environmental practices: recycling, home composting, and organic gardening.  The gardening bug didn't really get me until I moved out on my own, and it's been a "downward" spiral since then!

My wife (who is from St. John's) and I met in Toronto in 2005.  We were married in 2007, and recently purchased a home in Paradise after moving back to Newfoundland in September 2010.

'Freckle Face' Lettuce From Last Year's Garden

I'm really passionate about food, and trying to produce as much locally as possible has become a long-term project for me.  I think we've lost touch with a lot of excellent food traditions, but they're not so far gone that we can't try to get them back.  As well, there's nothing wrong with introducing some new ideas (and flavours)!  I'll be posting about the things I already know, what I'm learning about, and what you can do to produce more of your own food at home.  This will be my first year gardening in Newfoundland; there is a lot to learn, and I hope you'll join me!

I'll be publishing a new post every Monday here on Root Cellars Rock, and I'll be posting a few videos as well.  Monday morning, check back for the latest installment of Pioneering in Paradise!