Double Cranberry Thursday!


What to do with frozen cranberries? I asked that on RCR! facebook and got great suggestions, including cranberry mead, cranberry orange muffins, and cranberry rhubarb jam. I'll definitely keep those in mind for future recipes, but this week with our newest bout of snow, I needed a pick-me-up recipe and went with Monique's suggestion of cranberry smoothies.

After a bit of experimenting (which no one around my house minded), here are two recipes to share with you. The first is Cranberry Kick Smoothie and it's packed full of tart cranberry flavour, and a few other surprise ingredients, that will wake you up in the morning or boost your energy before you get some exercise (or go out to shovel, aargh). The second is the Classy Cranberry Milkshake, a still beautifully pink, but much less sweet re-invention of classic strawberry milkshakes. One for breakfast, another for dessert, cranberries all day long? Both great ways to use local berries that you froze last Fall. My cranberries went into the blender thanks to Fagan's Farm retailing at Churchill Square in St. John's.

Cranberry Kick Smoothie








Classy Cranberry Milkshake