Community garden and market flourishing in Stephenville


Note: Root Cellars Rock received this press release recently from the Stephenville Lions Club and we thought it was worth passing on. Well done Stephenville for supporting growing community garden and market projects! 

Community Garden and Market Projects Supported by Stephenville Lions Club

Erle Barrett, Head Stephenville Lion, refers to the Lions Motto “We Serve” and says that the issues we are dealing with and the manner in which Lions are serving locally and internationally is changing in a changing world. Environmental issues are closely tied to Lions’ humanitarian work and have had a profound effect on the well-being of communities around the world. Changes in the biophysical environment pose new challenges related to food security, human health, economic development, and world peace.

Locally the Stephenville Lions Club is actively doing their part in addressing food security and human health issues by promoting and supporting a growing community garden and by operating a community market.

The Community Garden which is located on the Lions Club property on Woodland Street in Stephenville  has expanded from 20 plots last year  to 34  this year. More plots will be made available to meet the expected increase in the demand for garden plots next year. Gardening is the second most popular form of physical activity in Canada, just behind walking.  In addition to physical and mental health benefits community gardens provide an opportunity for those  participating  to grow their own fresh fruits and vegetables.

The Community Market is open every Saturday at the Lion's Club. The Lions Market Committee  is actively soliciting and  encouraging local farmers and gardeners to sell fresh fruits and vegetables at the market. Recently a large freezer has been installed to enable  a local livestock farmer to sell fresh local meat at the market.

For further information please contact, Erle Barrett, Head Lion, phone: 643-2961