4 Ps Library- September- Worms!

This is the second edition of a monthly series just started on RCR where each month we'll showcase some of the best resources on the 4Ps of local food. This time its all about...WORMS! That's right, we love them. Worms make and improve soil so that we can enjoy all the 4Ps activities that we do. Here are four of our favourite resources about vermicomposting and worms: 1. MMSB- Vermicomposting- Composting with worms!

The Multi Material Stewardship Board (MMSB) is "guiding our province to a greener future". They've got great information on their website all about vermicomposting and backyard composting. If you want to start a bin of red wiggler worms to turn your kitchen scraps into compost, then this website will help you get started. Find out the what, why, and how of composting with worms!

2. Trouter's Special Worm Farm

Located in Bay Bulls, Trouter's Special Worm Farm is where you can buy red wiggler worms for vermicomposting. To our knowledge they're the only suppliers of vermicompost worms in NL. They'll mail worms across the province to you or you can go in and pick up a full kit directly! Contact them to find out all the details: 709-334-3531, jcsodfrm@nfld.com, Southern Shore Highway (Route 10) in Bay Bulls, close to the Bay Bulls Green Depot.

3. The Yuckiest Site on the Internet- Worm World!

The makers of the Yuckiest Site on the Internet love worms! Kids can get all the dirt on worms from Wendell the reporter, who is also a worm. Learn about worm anatomy, watch a baby worm being hatched, find out how worms recycle our garbage, meet Wendell's amazing relatives and read an interview with Mary the Worm Woman, author of the classic book Worms Eat My Garbage.

4. Worm Bin Bag

We're cheating a little bit with this resource, since we haven't actually tried it yet or talked to anyone that has. So that's why it's our new favourite resource on worms, because it is an innovative set-up for vermicomposting that we want to learn more about. If you've tried making a vermicompost bag or you want to try it and take some pictures for this blog, definitely let us know! Scroll down into the comments on the site where there is another set of photos of an adapted version of the worm bag that looks pretty snazzy and would be ideal in a small apartment because it's on wheels that can roll it out of the way in a tiny space.