New Greenhouse Photo Essay

Note: This is the first post from RCR Committee member Laurie Leehane. Laurie is a visual artist and gardener living in St. John's. Happily we've gotten some sun since Laurie wrote this post, we'll have to get her to update again later in the harvest season.  Summer of 2010: an empty yard and an unwanted wood deck.

Up comes the deck and voila, a greenhouse. Spring of 2011 I was so excited at the prospect of my first grow.

I set up six fish bins inside, mixed store-bought soil, compost and sheep manure and planted seeds. I have two bins of beets, a bin of asian snap peas, a bin of kale, a bin of my attempt at seeds from those amazing "ancient sweets red peppers" from Sobeys and a bin with 4 tomato plants given to me.

I also have a large amount of strawberry plants and raspberry canes that I took from a friend's property.

The sun has been so lacking that nothing is growing as it should but it is a great experiment. My tomato plants are flowering and I have some cherry tomatoes formed. The kale is sparse. I am not sure yet how to harvest or when. I have had one bowl of peas that I stir-fried and I have been eating the odd one as I find them. My peppers are not doing a thing. The beets are growing tall and gangly and I haven't had a look to see if there are any beets forming under the earth.

I think the strawberry plants are old so they are not producing so I'll take the runners and plant them and get rid of the mother plants. The raspberry canes have taken root and produced some new foliage and some flowers but once again...No Sun!!