A gift that gives twice!

Root Cellars Rock and the Food Security Network NL both contributed recipes to this creative fundraising initiative and we want to spread the word. Keep the Cookbook CD for yourself or share it as a gift that keeps on giving! Check out more details below and on The Ffeed Project website.

“Dine on Purpose” Charity Cookbook CD, Let’s Go Local Edition – St John’s, NL

What: The cookbook CD has a wonderful selection of 55 recipes from local Chefs, Restaurants, Bakeries and Food Producers, complemented by a cover and section dividers comprised of photo collages of St. John’s.

How: For every $20 donation given to an organization that feeds the hungry, between Dec 1-15 2011, you can get a cookbook CD (while supplies last). It is your choice which charity feeding the hungry you donate to. Email a copy of your donation tax receipt to claim your CDs. The quantity of Cookbook CDs is limited, so we are encouraging people to donate early and send a copy of their tax receipt by email to reserve their copies in advance. Send your CD request & copy of your tax receipt to theffeedproject@nl.rogers.com

Where: CDs will be available for pick up at the Community Room, Dominion Blackmarsh Rd: Friday, Dec 16, 4 - 9 pm and the St. John's Farmers Market, Bonaventure Ave: Saturday, Dec 17, 9am-2pm

In Newfoundland & Labrador local food banks estimate over 30,000 people do not have enough food to eat in our province and 37% of food bank users are children. For more details visit the Community Food Sharing Association website.

In Canada:

2.7 million Canadians (9%) do not know where their next meal is coming from.

Monthly food bank users hit a record of 867,948 during 2010, 38% of the users were children.

“Food bank use has increased over 99% since 1989, 34.5% of food banks are having difficulty meeting the growing demand”

Source: Food Banks Canada 's Hunger Count 2010 report

In the World:

925 million people are chronically hungry.

I out of every 7 people in the world will go to bed hungry tonight.

Hunger is considered the world’s #1 health risk.

25% of all hungry people are children.

Source: United Nations World Food Programme 

 To find out more, visit The Ffeed Project website.