Avalon gets fresh!

FSN is excited to announce the launch of the new online home for Buy Local! Buy Fresh! Avalon Region:


Along with the extremely useful new website, you can now also use a handy mobile phone version and get printed maps that are updated for 2012!

Here are just a few of the reasons why this ROCKS:

  • Consumers (that's you) can now more easily find and buy local food (yay!) on the Avalon.
  • The website and the mobile version note your GPS location and then tell you what's nearby. They also have google maps with directions to each farm.
  • To use the mobile version just visit and bookmark avalonfresh.ca on your smart phone, no need to download anything.
  • There's a handy seasonal availability guide to help you figure out what produce to look for in season.
  • New producers have been added to the map! 28 total now! So if you have last year's printed map certainly keep using it, but check out the website for new additions.
  • The sponsors for the map are great too, representing businesses and groups that support local food. (FSN is one of them; we're cool like that.)
  • There's a news feed and events listing on the new website to keep you in-the-know.

Check back to avalonfresh.ca often. They're still welcoming additional farms to join the map, and more content will be added, so the website will keep expanding and getting more awesome. To add your farm to the map, or to ask questions about the project, contact Sarah Crocker (sarahc@nearedb.ca).

Visit Buy Local! Buy Fresh! Avalon Region at their new Facebook page as well.

Pick up printed copies of the new map at REDB locations or events that FSN is at.

Buy Local! Buy Fresh! Avalon Region spreading the word in the community: