Internet Favourite!


Have any of you seen Tipnut yet? It's my new favourite thing on the internet; I'm pretty hooked on it. An almost endless supply of tips, tutorials and freebies for home, kitchen and garden. Apparently it was created by a clever Canadian woman that wanted a place to gather together all the tips and wisdom she would find in old cookbooks, online, in magazines etc. so she started the site as a catalogue for herself. Kind of like a super gigantic awesome recipe box full of tip cards!

She started it up in 2006 and now it has over 1,500 articles! Beware opening this site if you don't have a cup of tea and time for leisurely surfing and head slapping in the manner of "That's so simple! Why didn't I think of that?!"

Here are a few fun freebie pages that I found on Tipnut to get you started. Bust out the supplies and don't say I didn't warn you that this is dangerously good times:

There's a lot of practical genius on this site. If you're too busy this summer to check it out, bookmark it for crafty winter nights. Again, tea is recommended to go with it.

p.s. Make any of the things above as gifts for friends who like to garden, cook or preserve! They'll love it and many of the projects are easy peasy.