All Around the Table with Bride Power and Turk's Gut Heritage House

Bride Power is the dedicated volunteer manager of the Turk's Gut Heritage House in Marysvale and we're thrilled to launch her video today as the second in our All Around the Table series.

The Turk's Gut Heritage House is a lovely spot that locals, people from across the province and tourists from away stop at to enjoy excellent company, delicious home cooked meals prepared with local vegetables, and social activities. The  Heritage House will be container gardening this summer with seniors and plans to soon create a community garden that will be open to seniors, children and the general public. Community meals and fun social events happen regularly at the Heritage House.

Check out the Turk's Gut Heritage House on National Geographic Geotourism MapGuide to find out more and we encourage you to visit this summer to pick some locally abundant wild mint, and take a stroll on an easy trail to the nearby waterfalls. Beware though that the place has a ghostly musician about. When you visit say hi to Bride for us!