Lessons from the Sharing Chef: Great learning opportunities from Vibrant Communities


We're really looking forward to this series of webinars and teleconferences being hosted by Community Sector Council's Vibrant Communities. Their Sharing Chef program is an inspiration! Groups and individuals interested in community kitchens and cooking programs in NL should definitely register for this series. We'll share some of the great tips that come out of it on the Root Cellars Rock facebook page too.

The Story of the Sharing Chef: A Webinar and Teleconference Series


Last fall, the CSC's Vibrant Communities team led a pilot project called "The Sharing Chef". Chef Travis Peddle traveled around several community kitchens to run a program that brought together youth and seniors to connect as they learned how to prepare healthy, tasty meals.

Join Vibrant Communities for a series of webinars and teleconferences that will explore what they've learned from the project and offer lots of useful information for groups who want to take on community work involving food.

All the sessions will be free.

Register for the webinars and teleconferences at the links below. If you have any questions, contact Ruth MacDonald at ruthmacdonald@cscnl.ca or by phone at 709-753-9860

Here's the schedule:


The Sharing Chef Project: A History

Webinar; Thursday, May 30th, 12-1 PM 

This webinar, hosted by CSC's former Sharing Chef, Travis Peddle, will outline the development process behind CSC's "Sharing Chef" project and provide some key tips on how to mount a similar project in other communities.

Register here.


Safe Food Handling

Teleconference,Friday, June 7th, 12 PM - 1 PM

This teleconference, hosted by staff from the NL Department of Health, will help explain how to set up and manage community kitchens within Newfoundland & Labrador's food safety guidelines. Doing so will help keep kitchen visitors safe from illness.

It will cover nonprofit exemptions from food premises regulations, the need to meet standard hygeine guidelines, the basics of personal kitchen hygeine, and basic food hygeine.

Register here.


Small Appetite, Big Flavour

Teleconference, Thursday, June 13th, 12 PM -1 PM

This teleconference, hosted by CSC's Sharing Chef Travis Peddle (who will be joined by one of our participating seniors) will be all about flavour! Travis will provide tips on the use of natural and affordable ingredients to help people create tasty meals on a budget.

Register here. 


Promoting Wellness in the Kitchen

Webinar; Thursday, June 20th, 12-1 PM This webinar, hosted by Tracy English of Eastern Health, will focus on how preparing food (and the activities associated with it) can be a positive force for personal well-being.

Register here. 


Big Appetite, Small Budget

Teleconference, Thursday, June 27th, 12 PM -1 PM

This webinar, also hosted by Sharing Chef Travis Peddle, will be all about getting the best bite for your buck. It will cover ideas and ways to stretch your dollars while still putting together nutritious and tasty meals.

Register here.