A new plan to increase organic and ecological farming in NL

Facilitator Ken Kavanagh gets the group thinking (including, pictured here:  Corinne Higdon, Judy Lien, Laura Condon Terry Dobie and Rick Kelly) Photo credit ACORN

Update: Read the full report!

This post was kindly shared by ACORN from their Spring 2013 newsletter and is reprinted with permission. Congratulations to everyone that helped make this happen! 

We are pleased to announce that the NL organic and ecological agricultural sector has (possibly in record time) completed a strategic plan for the sector! The process started on February 14 & 15, when industry representatives gathered for a successful strategic planning session, facilitated by professional Ken Kavanagh.

Over the course of the two days, fifteen farmers (and a few non-farmers) from across the large province (including one representative from Labrador!) offered their insight, inspiration and ideas to shape the future of the organic and ecological farming community in NL.

Membership_month_sig2Farmer and consultant Sarah Crocker compiled and analyzed results from both the strategic planning session as well as through feedback from survey results collected over a three-week period.  Together with ACORN and a dedicated volunteer Steering Committee of representative farmers, Crocker set to work on writing a comprehensive profile and strategic plan for the sector.

Believe it or not, the entire strategic plan and sector profile were successfully presented to government on April 1st and the group is excited to start implementing the many ideas that came forward!

The following is a snapshot of what the plan covers. Keep an eye on the ACORN and ACORN NL websites where the full Strategic Plan will soon be posted. Contact acorn-nl@acornorganic.org for more information.

NL Organic & Ecological Strategic Plan: Five Key Action Areas & Strategic Priorities

Government Collaboration:  

• Improve support for organic food production on all levels of government
• Increase staff support for organic industry development

Awareness & Outreach:

•   Increase consumer understanding  of the term “organic”
•   Increase consumer awareness of the value of organic products made in NL
•   Improve representation of organic sector in agricultural organizations


•   Accessible organic certification available across NL
•   Improved opportunities for professional training
•   Increase the number of certified organic farms in Newfoundland and Labrador


•   Improve access to organic inputs and infrastructure
•   Improve access to land for organic production

Sector Capacity:

•   Build a network of farmers sharing knowledge
•   Improve access to organic production training and research