Bulk Buying Clubs: Free Teleconference Presentation Nov. 13th


FSN Teleconference: Bulk Buying Clubs

MC900297531 (1)MC900297531 (1)MH900297531When: Wednesday, November 13 Time: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm (Newfoundland time) Cost: Free

Come join us to learn about bulk buying clubs with a presentation about the Level Best Bulk Buying and Cooking Club of the Community Action Committee Family Resource Program and Bay St. George Women’s Centre.

Presentation: Bernice Hancock, Program Director, Community Action Committee for Southwestern Newfoundland Enhancing food security is the primary goal of the Level Best Club. The Club helps parents and caregivers provide nutritious food for their families through monthly group bulk food purchases. The program is inexpensive, community-based and flexible.

Networking: Bulk Buying Club organizers are encouraged to stay on the line after the presentation for a networking session - an opportunity to exchange ideas and concerns, share best practices, and identify new resources needed.

To register please contact Rick Kelly at richardkelly@foodsecuritynews.com or at 709-237-4026.

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