2014 NL Good Food Challenge: What is Good Food?


This is a complicated question hiding inside a simple one, and we were excited to dive in with it on our first day. Good food isn’t always just about taste or nutrition—for some people it’s an important link to their culture, or their ethics. Sustainability and the environment also popped up as important factors.

Below are some of the comments we received. Click here to join in on the discussion.

“To me... Good Food is good for me (it's nutritious!), good for my community (it connects us, brings us together!), good for the environment (it protects, preserves, enhances our environment!), good for the economy (it creates jobs, inspires new businesses!). Ultimately, for me, Good Food is good for the health of our future…” — Kristie

“Good food to me comes from the land. It's prepared and cooked for you by someone who have the skills and knowledge of how to prepare traditional food, knowledge they had acquired by watching or learning from someone they had a connection to. Food is especially good when the taste or aroma of the cooking brings back memories of someone you were blessed to have prepare the same meal at another time in your life.” — Carlene

“Grown w/love, and cooked and shared with the same. Also butter.” — Sarah

“Good food has a solid past. Good food has a sustainable future. Good food ties us not only to those around us, but to the generations behind and before us. Good food lays foundations. Good food is ethical. It's colorful! It's cultural. Good food is welcoming. It's alive. Its fun! It's just so good!” — Gioia

“This November I'm taking the Good Food Challenge to think about what good food means to me, to my family, to my community, and beyond. I'm taking mini tiny steps towards a big journey of being a healthier me so that I can shine my light even brighter.” — Sarah

“Good food for me is good and good for you and if it is good for my friendly neighbourhood farmer and good for the environment that's even gooder!” — Morgan

“Good food to me is my traditional food, it's nutritious, it's healthy, it's from our land, it's pride, it's dignity, it's shared, can't beat that!!!” —Martha

For more information: Food Security Network of Newfoundland and Labrador’s website is chock full of information that can help you define what Good Food means to you: http://www.foodsecuritynews.com

Here are 16 TED talks that will “make you smarter about food”: http://firstwefeast.com/eat/16-ted-talks-that-will-make-you-smarter-about-food/

Also FSN’s email newsletter is a great collection of local events, resources, and news related to food in the province: http://www.foodsecuritynews.com/enews.html

The Canada Food Guide from Health Canada is a good place for finding nutritional information http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/fn-an/food-guide-aliment/index-eng.php

Health Canada’s Eat Well Campaign is full of resources on nutrition and healthy eating: http://www.healthycanadians.gc.ca/eatwell

What is the Good Food Challenge? Here’s an interview with Kristie Jameson, Executive Director of the Food Security Network of NL: https://soundcloud.com/food-security-network-nl/2014-cbc-goodfoodnl