NL Good Food Challenge: What's Your Good Food Idea For Newfoundland & Labrador?

GFC-goodfoodidea500 We asked people to think big and come up with suggestions for the future of Newfoundland and Labrador food. Cooking classes for kids and encouraging community gardens were two ideas from the list.

Below is some of what people had to say online. Click here to take part in the conversation on Facebook. 

“I think we should be teaching primary, elementary and junior high school students cooking classes. Teach them more about how food additives, excessive salt, sugar and bad fats are not good for them. Teach them healthy choices for meals and snacks…” — Barbara

“Explore seal meat!” — Gioia

“We need a government program to really encourage the development of more arable land near communities. Even a community garden program with incentives for towns/individuals to get involved. Include a Buy Local awareness program. This island - and our big northern region - need to become much more self sufficient. No excuses.” — Darrell

“I wonder if community greenhouses would ever really get going here? Extending our short growing season as much as possible seems like a great idea. Just check out these photos from the Inuvik Community Greenhouse in the Northwest Territories:” — Elling

“Much less useful: Square watermelons exist, why don't we grow square potatoes?” — Elling


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TED has some great videos and articles on the subject to get the brain working.

Get inspired by learning about the status of food security in NL here: