NL Good Food Challenge: If You Had To Move To Another Planet, What's One Food You Would Bring With You?

GFC-planetonefood500 Okay, you're moving to another planet. It's light years from Earth. The mission will feed you space food, but there's room for you to bring one Earth food along. What will you bring? Most people responded with specific fruit or vegetables, and others went for comfort food. What would you choose?

Below is some of what people had to say online. Click here to take part in the conversation on Facebook.

“Popcorn. Didn't even have to think about it.” — Laura

“Is red wine a food?” — Paula

“Oysters.” — Janet

“I think I'd cheat and bring seeds to plant, I can't decide what kind though. I need a planet with gardens. Long-term food gratification. Malcolm picked pumpkin pie.” — Sarah

“Asparagus, that way me and the puppy would be happy forever.“ — Natalie

“Beet!” — Cindy

“Kohl rabi!“ — Erin

“Single fruit/veg: tomatoes… dish: spaghetti and meatballs a la Kristie Jameson “ — Lori

“Apples.” — Irish Connection

“Fresh apples. Either MacIntosh or the giant juicy Granny Smiths you can get on the Mainland.” — Alanna

“Lots of sharp cheddar. Or cinnamon rolls from my mom.” — Elling

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