The core of food security has to do with access to healthy food and optimal nutrition.

Food security exists when all people at all times have physical and economic access to adequate amounts of nutritious, safe, and culturally-appropriate food to maintain a healthy and active life. 




Achieving food security depends on the success of the food system. The food system includes the production, distribution, access, consumption and disposal of food. Each element in the food system is connected to others in the system and challenges to any of these elements can impact food security. For example, disruptions to food production or distribution will directly impact availability and affordability of food in grocery stores. 


What makes a food system healthy and sustainable?

Food security exists when all elements of the food system are functioning together effectively to support environmental, economic, and social wellbeing.


IT IS Environmentally Sustainable

A healthy food system preserves and enhances the natural environment. The food system is healthy and sustainable when food production, distribution, access, consumption, and disposal is carried out in such a way that the use of resources from the earth does not exceed the environment’s capacity to replace them. This ensures that the food system is able to make healthy food available for us and future generations.  


IT IS Economically Viable

A healthy and sustainable food system ensures that food production, distribution, access, consumption, and disposal is economically viable for people and businesses. This means that people working in the food system earn a living wage, and that businesses in the food system are successful. A healthy and sustainable food system also stimulates broader economic development, through business development and job creation.


It considers people's wellbeing

A healthy and sustainable food system ensures the social wellbeing of its population; that food is available, affordable, and can be accessed in a respectful and dignified manner; and that people have opportunities to build basic food knowledge and skills to grow and harvest food, identify healthy options, and prepare healthy and safe meals. A healthy and sustainable food system also ensures the health and social equity of people involved in the food system globally, including people involved in production of food accessed and consumed within the province.  


What are some things We are Doing to improve food security?