Food First NL Montreal Bound for 2 Talks at “The Largest, Most Vibrant Food Gathering in Canada

With 86 Events and 115 speakers, Food Secure Canada’s Resetting the Table Assembly is being touted as the country’s “largest and most vibrant food gathering.” 

Resetting the Table will take place November 1-4th and will bring together “Canada’s brightest food thinkers and most innovative organizations, to share and develop practical solutions to national and global issues related to food.” 

Two of its events will feature staff from Food First NL.  

Everybody Eats:
A Public Engagement Approach to Food Systems Planning

Ethan Doney, Project Manager for our Everybody Eats project, will discuss public engagement processes for food systems planning, alongside members of the New Brunswick Food Security Action Network. Ethan will be giving an overview of the Everybody Eats project, and how it used public engagement to generate a more effective and inclusive collaboration on food systems planning. Participants in this session will have the opportunity to try out some of the hands-on activities used in the engagement processes. 

Community Food Assessments:
Planning, Participation, and Politics

Staff from Food First NL will join speakers from Toronto Public Health, Dawson College, and the New Brunswick Food Security Action Network, to discuss the ways Community Led Food Assessments can organize community planning around shared food system priorities, largely by identify existing capacity and assets, and devising strategies for addressing unmet needs. By working directly with residents in their community, our Food Security Coordinators have seen firsthand how impactful Community-led Food Assessments have been in Nunatsiavut and Coast of Bays.