Pool's Cove Community Led Food Assessment
& Resulting Programs

This project facilitated a Community-Led Food Assessment in Pool's Cove, and is supporting the creation of new programs that will give its residents better access to healthy, affordable, and culturally appropriate food.


Pool's Cove CLFA.png


Community Livestock Program

Fresh meat and eggs are hard to come by in Pool's Cove, as the community only has 1 corner store, and the nearest grocery store in a 55-km drive. A new pilot livestock rearing pilot program is underway, to provide residents with access to chickens, ducks, turkeys, pigs, and eggs.


Community Freezer Program

Wild Foods are plentiful in Pool's Cove, but not all residents have the skills,  time, ability, or money required to access wild food by hunting, fishing, picking berries, and so on themselves. A new community freezer program will collect donated meat, fish, and berries from hunters, fishers, and foragers in Pool's Cove, so the whole community has access to these wild foods.

Jo Pool's Cove Community Garden.jpg

Community garden Program

Fresh, healthy vegetables and fruit are hard to come by in Pool's Cove, as the nearest grocery store is a 55-km drive. A new community garden program in Pool's Cove is growing all sorts of vegetables and fruits to be shared at community meals. The community is hosting bottling and preserving workshops, so they can harvest their bounty for winter months.