Miawpukek First Nation
Community Led Food Assessment & Resulting Programs

This project facilitated a Community-Led Food Assessment in Miawpukek First Nation, and is supporting the creation of new programs that will give its residents better access to healthy, affordable, and culturally appropriate food.


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Community Farm Program

73% of survey respondents wanted to see the community grow more of its own food. As a result, a professor from MUN has contracted to identify a tract of land that is ideal for farming, and it will be divided into 3 quadrants: 1 for local families and organizations to grow what they’d like; 1 for the local school to grow produce; And 1 for a community garden that our Food Security Coordinator, Severn Jeddore, will tend to, in part to grow food for elders. 


Children & Youth Program

It was noted in the Community Led Food Assessment that "More How To Knowledge" was needed to improve food security in the community. This initiative will create new programs, and enhance existing local programs, to share traditional food skills and knowledge, like hunting, fishing, foraging, cooking, and gardening, with young people. Lessons will take place in school, on the land and water, and in the community.

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Community Food Engagement Program

The third program in Miawpukek aims to infuse community policies and programs with food education and awareness opportunities, to stimulate more critical thought and action around local food systems, and to create new ways to share, learn about, and celebrate food.