Healthy Eating in NL Resource Centre

Your one-stop-shop for healthy eating resources in NL

The Healthy Eating in NL Resource Centre is your one-stop-shop for resources to help promote and support healthy eating in Newfoundland & Labrador! On the site, you’ll find a whole host of resources covering everything from grocery shopping on a budget, maintaining health while eating with a condition, and packing healthy school lunches, to harvesting wild food, organizing a bulk buying club, and preserving food. 

We set out to build this site in September 2015, with the goal of making Newfoundlanders and Labradorians more aware of the healthy eating resources and programs that are available in the province. The site aims to offer a comprehensive, engaging and user-friendly inventory of relevantup-to-date, and reliable information.

The accuracy and reliability of information on our site is important to us. That’s why we worked closely with a team of dietitians in the province, to carefully review all of the resources selected to appear on the site. It’s also why we’ll be working diligently to monitor and update the site on an ongoing basis. 

Information on our site is divided into two sections, and each section contains five categories:


Online Resources

1. Eating for Health: Resources to support and promote healthy eating—from general guidelines to specific information, whether you’re pregnant, vegetarian, managing diabetes, or more.


2. Healthy Eating in your Community: Resources to support and promote healthy eating in your community—whether at school, the office, in recreation, or a shared community space.


3. Food Skills: Resources to help build healthy food skills—from growing, harvesting, and hunting, to purchasing, preparing, preserving, and composting.


4. Food Programs: Resources to support food programs in your community—everything from community gardens and bulk buying clubs, to farmers’ markets.


5. What’s in your Food: Resources and information about the parts that make up your food—from vitamins, to elements & minerals, and nutrients.



Local Initiatives - Coming soon! 

We're still in the process of gathering information on the many food initiatives operating across the province. This part of the site will be coming out over the next few months. When it’s ready, it will provide you with a comprehensive, easy to navigate database that will help you find the following types of food programs in your area:

Food skills edu res.png

1. Food Skills, Education and Resources: Initiatives to help build your food literacy—in both theory and practice—from cooking classes and workshops, to rental kitchens.


emerg food.png

2. Hunger Relief Programs: Initiatives to help you and your family put healthy food on the table, even when money is tight—from food banks and meal programs, to hampers for new mothers.


Local Food.png

3. Local Food: Initiatives to help you take advantage of Newfoundland and Labrador’s diverse and rich local foods—from community supported agriculture programs to farmers’ markets.


community programs.png

4. Community Programs: Initiatives that bring you and your community together around food—from community kitchens and freezers, to gardens and bulk buying clubs.


school programs.png

5. School Programs: Initiatives that bring healthy food and food skills into the classroom—from school gardens and Farm to School Programs, to local food fundraising.


There is a lot of information on the site, but there are also a lot of tools at your disposal to help you find what you’re looking for, like our user tutorial, which you can access from the home page. It'll help you make the most of your time on our Resource Centre, and should make searching for a particular resource a breeze.

We hope the Healthy Eating in NL Resource Centre serves you well—if you have any feedback or suggestions for improvement, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Food First NL’s Communications Coordinator:

Tyler Blacquiere |


The development and maintenance of the Healthy Eating in NL Resource Centre is funded by the Department of Seniors, Wellness and Social Development, Healthy Living Division. The Department of Seniors, Wellness, and Social Development focuses on seniors and aging, health promotion, wellness, and sport. Learn more at: