Calling all seed savers: Take the survey!


For All Seed Savers: Farmers, Gardeners, Everyone who Saves Seeds!

Through a generous pilot year grant, USC Canada has launched the Bauta Initiative on Canadian Seed Security which aims to lay the foundation for a more secure and diverse seed system in Canada. It will support farmers, gardeners and other food actors across the country to collaborate on the production, spread and conservation of Canadian, biodiverse seed.

In 2012 USC Canada/Seeds of Diversity is surveying farmers and gardeners to understand the challenges, opportunities and needs of individuals and organizations working to build a resilient and sustainable Canadian seed system.

Canadian gardeners– this first survey is for you! Do the survey and turn 30 minutes of your time into generations of good food in Canada.

To get started see here.

The survey is open from February 15 to April 30, 2012. Please participate today!

Canadian farmers – we will be reaching out to you later this year with a second survey focused on commercial seed production and saving.

Thank you in advance for your time. Want more information? Please contact Jane Rabinowicz at