Female Food Heroes


Oxfam Canada is celebrating Female Food Heroes!

"Female Food Heroes are women who are working to build a movement for good food – food that is grown well and shared fairly. This could be you, your neighbor, your sister, your friend or your colleague."

In support, Root Cellars Rock has nominated some of the female food heroes that inspire us across Newfoundland and Labrador. We realize that there are so many, many more in communities all over the province. We encourage you to add your own nominations to the Oxfam Canada website.

Thank you for all that you do Female Food Heroes to make Newfoundland and Labrador a more food secure province!

Some of the female food heroes from this province are (alphabetical by last name):

Jill Airhart

Jill Airhart is a Female Food Hero because with constant enthusiasm, creativity and commitment she works to create a better food system in Labrador, to ensure that people have access to safe, local, healthy, affordable and appropriate food. Jill has been a key organizer in the creation of the Community Outdoor Market, Children's Community Garden, school seedling programs, and community-led food assessment in the Lake Melville region.

 Rachelle Batstone

Rachelle Batstone is a Female Food Hero because she is one of St. John's most active community gardeners and food skills educators. With dedication and resourcefulness that are truly inspiring, Rachelle creates and shares ideas, resources and projects that help foster a more sustainable local food system in the city. Rachelle has been involved with Food Education Action St. John's (FEASt), the Rabbittown Community Garden and the Community Garden Alliance.

Frances Boase

Frances Boase is a Female Food Hero because of her dedication to increase access to healthy food in Hopedale, Nunatsiavut. Fran continually inspires families and youth to start gardening and is dedicated to teaching gardening skills in her community. Fran was the coordinator for the NiKigijavut Hopedalimi (Our Food in Hopedale) project that established the community freezer and gardening programs in Hopedale.

 Kristie Jameson 

Kristie Jameson is a female food hero because, as Executive Director of the Food Security Network of Newfoundland and Labrador (FSN), she is spreading the word about food security from community gardens to government consultations and everywhere in between; improving access to healthy, fresh, affordable, and safe food for all people in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Katie Temple

Katie Temple is a Female Food Hero because as a community organizer and volunteer, she has inspired people to make the connection between the food we eat and our relationships with the environment; finding creative and practical ways to improve the food system. Katie has been actively involved with farmers' markets, community gardens, food security initiatives, environmental organizations and policy efforts in Newfoundland and Labrador.